Visiting European City - Frankfurt
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The Fall In Höchst - Frankfurt, Germany

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An Old Street


Near the castle there are picturesque small streets that invite you to go for a walk.
Many original beam-and-mortar (Fachwerk) houses are remained here or were precisely restored.

1586 there was a conflagration in the town. Many houses were rebuilt after that including the houses in the Burggraben street.

This romantic street, which we enjoy walking along, has its name from the former ditch (Wassergraben),which served to protect the castle at that time.

The Maintor

The Maintor

On the way from the Schloßplatz to the River Main you go through a beautiful Main Gate. Once here was the only town entrance from river side.

Ships' passengers that have travelled back and forth between Frankfurt and Mainz in the course of centuries came through this Main Gate to rest and dine in Höchst.

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Culinary specialities:

- Apfelwein
- Bethmännchen
- Frankfurter Kranz
- Frankfurter Rindswurst
- Rippchen mit Kraut
- Frankfurter Würstchen
- Frankfurter Grüne Soße
- Haddekuche
- Handkäs mit Musik