Visiting European City - Genoa

The City at Sea - Genoa, Italy

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The Old Port of Genoa

The Old Port of Genoa

In September 2008 we were on vacations in Liguria - in the region of Italy on the coast of Ligurian Sea. We wanted to visit Genoa, the capital of the region. So we travelled there by car for one day.

Genoa grew from the fishing settlements on the coast of sea and in the course of time extended along the sea by 35 kilometers, since it is not possible to grow landwards because of Apennine mountains.
Therefore, the main sight of Genoa is, to my mind, everything which is connected to the sea: old port (Porto Antico), Aquarium, etc. And although the old city of Genoa is also not less interesting, we spent the most time of the day in the port. It is difficult to see everything in one day.

The Panoramic Cab

The Panoramic Cab

This panoramic cab rises to the height of 40 meters. Wonderful view of the city and the bay opens over there. You have a great impulse to photograph.

In the Old Port

In the Old Port

In 1992, to the celebration of Columbus's year, famous architect Renzo Piano considerably changed the appearance of old port haven opened it to the city and built new constructions, including panoramic elevator and aquarium.

Since then the port became the favourite promenade place of townspeople and numerous tourists.

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Famous Genoese:

- Christopher Columbus
- Simon Boccanegra
- Andrea Doria
- Bernardo Strozzi
- Leon Battista Alberti
- Niccolo Paganini
- Eugenio Montale
- Palmiro Togliatti
- Renzo Piano